Effects of colors on women personality

A woman plays numerous roles in society. She fulfill all her duties efficaciously, she is a like a storehouse of energy. Her love and interest for life and her family do not fade. Fashion is the symbol of her sparkling persona; feminine attires celebrate womanhood in different ways. The designs and styles of women dresses are such as they increase the grace of a lady and its colors shows the cheerful nature of a woman. So, every woman must be careful about the selection of her dress as it increases the beauty and charm of a woman. Women dresses are of different designs, styles and colors. All colors do not go well with all personalities, occasions or skin tone. In the world there are different colors of skin, everyone must select the color that goes best with their personalities.

In Asian countries the best color for bride is red, pink and golden. As red color is the color of lust, beauty and passion. The Hebrews and Greeks considered red color as a sign of love and passion. This is the reason that on Valentine’s Day red roses are an important gift of a woman. While pink color is associated with romance, the middle between red and white is pink and it is related to the blush cheeks of a woman. It motivates energy and is a sign of happiness. Some people like the passion of red and purity of white, for them pink the blend of both is the best color. Golden color symbolizes success, wealth and good health, with the marriage this believe is associated that the woman will bring wealth in the life of her husband.

The bride is also positive about her life she is believe that her life is going to be changed so, golden color is the sign of happiness for a success of love. But in normal and casual wear, the colors that are best are mostly liked are light colors in summer and a bit darker color in winter. Blue, white, pink, ivory, orange, Beige and Turquoise colors are most popular. Every color portraits its own meaning, like ivory shows harmony and lovel, while white color is the sign of peace, calm, humility, innocence and purity. White dress of a woman shows the elegance of her personality. While, hanging out with family than yellow, orange and turquoise is the best option. Orange is very vivacious color shows energy, warmth and liveliness. Similarly black color also increases the feminine personality of a woman. While purple color show the royalty of the body, yellow color in summer look very arrogant and she looks like a bubbly diva in the sunshine. All the vibrant colors are the part of women personality and make them more colorful and cheerful.



Styling tips for winter

One of the hardest fashion months for women is of winters. It is not necessary that whatever seems adoring to eyes is fashionable and cute and will be worth to wear in winter. The fact is you are going to be freezing but, fortunately girls are available with countless options to look stylish, trendy and warm at the same time. Just ponder the following tips and surely you will have the best time in party and I bet you will be praised from every corner in every party. Wear a coat: it often seems silly to people but, coat has unique properties that complete your fashion and make your nerve bit easier. They are very warm, long coats not only look stylish in fact keeps you covered and warm. You can have variety in style with long coats like if you are in door you can take the coat off and can show your covered dress hide behind coat.

Wearing hat: hat wearing is another fashion that can make you look stunning among your friends and colleagues. A hat will keep you warm and make you look stylish and chic. Women often never like hats because they can’t bear anything on their sexy sleek hair for long. But, it brings a change in your entire personality and will keep you warm and covered as well. Stockings: winter is the time you can’t rock the parties with your elegant legs because of chill cold weather. But, stockings are available in variety of shades, designs and colors that can best compliment your style. With a single stocking you can enhance your style statement by wearing it with different cute little dresses. In winter stylize your wardrobe with stockings while in summer rock the parties with bare legs.

Boots: one of the winter craze is boots. Women love to wear the beautiful elegant boots in winter that can’t be used in summer. Some of them prefer boots rather than the heels in winter. Once you are out for shopping you will be surprise to see the rainbow of boots with different shades, designs and styles that motivate you to have them. The winter is the best time to rock in different looks with these classy boots. Just be yourself: once you want to go for any fashion must sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing and it is possible only if you are yourself. Though, few of the things that are in vogue may not suit you because you may not feel 100% comfortable with it. Make use of the accessories that are in fashion but are comfortable as well. Hope these tips will keep you in fashion as well as warm these winters.


Ways to make birthdays special

Birthday is the word synonym to celebration and joys. Everyone wants to make their birthday more memorable and special day of his/her life. Read this article carefully to discover the ways to make someone’s birthday more special.
Sending flowers every hour: this is the surprise you have to plan and coordinate carefully. Find out where your loved one is going to spend the whole day and arrange some way to send flowers every hour. In this way you can send variety of flowers per hour expressing your love and feelings to him/her. It will completely surprise them and they will feel more special and important at that special day.

Bake cake yourself: everyone love to be presented with cake or desert specially made for them on their birthday. Few weeks before the birthday learn how to bake cake and surprise your loved one with their favorite cake along with some other favorite dishes. You can also go for some floral arrangements if you are living together; otherwise sending cake with flowers is a pleasant surprise as well. I bet they will never ever ignore or forget your loving gesture that made their day all the more exceptional.

Gift spa coupons: what can be more special than gifting your loved one with spa coupons to relax their senses and revive them? Spas are the best and most visited place in towns for almost everyone to get pampered and frankly speaking birthdays are the perfect time to be pampered. So, you can make it an option as well.
Hire professional singers: it is another remarkable idea to make birthday more special. You just have to contact a best company that offers professional singers for special occasions. Along with obvious “birthday song” you can also select birthday boy or girl’s favorite song and tell the singer to sing it in the party. It’s completely up to you to decide at what time you want this surprise on birthday party, in the morning in breakfast or when the clock exactly strikes 12.

Arrange a birthday party: surprise birthday party always adds spice to this special day and nothing works better than to throw a surprise birthday party. Invite all friends and relative and do wonderful birthday arrangements for the wonderful person. They will surely feel blessed and special to spend the whole evening with their loved ones and will treasure these memories forever and ever.

These are few ways in which you can make birthdays special and memorable. Everyone has lots of expectations on their birthday so; there should be ample fun, cheers and joys in the air in order to make the birthday boy or girl feels special and on the top of the world.

Birthday gift ideas

All over the world birthday is a day we were born and same date is celebrated with great love year after year. Birthday is considered to be the happy and lucky time and is expected with excitements and cheers for the upcoming occasion. This day is usually celebrated with candles and cakes almost one candle for each year. Popular “Happy Birthday” song is generally sung and the happy birthday boy and girl are asked to make wish and blow the candles. It is usually advised to the birthday boy and girl make a wish but never let anybody know about it otherwise wish would not be true. One of the essential and happy parts of the birthday is presenting gifts. These gifts are always presented with great love and care. Birthday gift must be planned with careful consideration based on the receiver. An ideal example is the toddler; they should not be presented with small things especially toys that could be easily put into mouth and can cause choking. Teenagers are the hardest batch to buy gifts for so, the wise idea is to buy them with accessories useful for them which make them happy and more special. For adults birthstone is another option as a birthday gift for them. Birthstones are the gemstones linked with each month. There are rainbows of precious birthstones like ruby, diamonds and semi precious stones include Lapiz Lazuli. They are considered lucky for specific months and people believe it as well. People take them as their lucky charm and also used as a healing power. In Africa child birthday is not observed to be the special day. Instead, when African Children acquire a certain age they make their first move into the community allowing them to learn the laws of culture and to participate in ancient customs. Age initiation is commonly done in groups instead with individual children. In Latino culture there is a culture named as “Quinceanera” which makes the 15 years old girls birthday way into her adulthood. In Mexico birthday celebrations usually attributes Pinata a paper mache animal figure holding small toys and candy. In Chinese society tigers are thought to be as children guardian. Family members arrange special food for newborns and present them with beautiful gifts of toys or clothing adorned with tigers. When Chinese boy or girl is one year old different beautiful objects and toys are placed around the child on floor. According to their ancient believes the object or toys that the child selects is a symbol of prediction of the carrier or profession they will pursue in life. Birthday gifts must be of the type that depicts your thoughtfulness and love for your loved ones.

Breathing techniques

If you are newbie in writing and want to explore the world of words you must have to consider the following simple but very important tips that will better lead you in your career.
Go through writing exercises, you are available with variety of simple and fun writing exercises that can help you in improving your writing skills. Once you browse the internet you will see that thousands of the websites are offering free writing exercises for practice.

Best time to write is day because it is the time you are more active and creative.  People have their own mood swings, figure out the time of the day you are most relaxed with writing. Mostly people are comfortable early morning for writing because their senses and minds are at the freshest state. Some of the writers feel convenient to write at night when there is complete silence and peace. Write as much as you can in a single sitting and you will be surprised to see who beautifully you can mould the words.

Always keep a notebook wherever you go so, you can better write your ideas before it wash out from your mind.  If you make use of your great five senses you will be better able to write lines and quotes. For writers it is necessary to be a good observant, always look in your surrounding with keen eyes and open mind.  Listen carefully and try to grasp the things that are usually ignored by others. Notebook or personal diary is a good tool that helps you in saving your thoughts and ideas.

Never lose heart if your writing is not the one you are expecting it to be. Always remember that you are a beginner and you have to go through countless rejections and bad comments. Every beginner need time to open petals and bloom into a strong complete flower. It almost happened to every writer to rewrite and revise, revise and rewrite again and again. No one can be perfect in the first attempt.  You must have to take short breaks to relax nerves to write more accurately and precisely.

After writing story or article must show it to your friends and parents and ask for feedbacks. Viewing your writing from someone else eyes is a better and effective tool just for improvement and advancement. Actually you may not be able to pin point the errors but different people have different views about your writing. They may figure a point that is in need of improvement. It is always wise to seek other’s help even if it’s just a simple view or opinion about your story. Try to create some fun while writing otherwise you may get bored and not able to create masterpiece.

Barriers created by Government

Barriers to entry created by government. There are many barriers to entry in the market, but the main tools used to create barriers to entry in the market are as follows

•    Licenses
•    Patents
•    Copyrights

Each of these regulations was created for various public purposes, but all have the potential to act as barriers to entry. Barriers to entry can be used in a way help the masses or it could be used to add the burden on general public. Like all tools, licenses are also a tool which can be used positively or negatively. It is the person or government who uses the tool who can decide the nature of use. If it’s in the right hands, it could do a good job. But if this goes in the wrong hands, the general public could face the consequences.

Licenses: The licensing of physicians and other professionals is usually justified on the basis of maintaining quality of the individuals in this profession. However because the licensure of physicians also restricts their numbers, it acts as a barrier to entry and can generate higher profits for those in the profession. Physicians have raised the quality argument in disputes over the range of medical services that other medical professionals such as physician assistants and nurses aides can perform. Critics have charged that physicians are simply trying to maintain their incomes in the face of increased competition among the medical service providers. The debate also surfaced b/w the physicians and psychologists. For more than a decade now, this debate has been in discussion.  Psychologists believe that the physicians are taking unfair advantage of this act. The only benefit of the licenses is to the physicians, and not for the general public. It has been pondered upon that a change in regulation could actually benefit the general public.

The idea is to protect the mass population. Often monopolies are formed who make profits on expense of the public. Hence governments are expected to safeguard to rights of the population. Licenses are barriers to entry of new entrants. This could be used to safeguard the rights of monopolies as well. This is a common practice in the 3rd world countries. Often the basic necessities of life such as electricity and telephone are owned by the government itself. So to protect their corruption or mishandling the government often puts up licenses and other acts to stop entry of new competition. People are forced to use the product or service owned by the government.

Monopoly is often a threat to the general consumer. Governments make rules to curtail the Monopoly. There are under the table activities often in the 3rd world countries, in which the monopolies bribe the governments in some way or shape to get legislation in their favor.

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