If you are newbie in writing and want to explore the world of words you must have to consider the following simple but very important tips that will better lead you in your career.
Go through writing exercises, you are available with variety of simple and fun writing exercises that can help you in improving your writing skills. Once you browse the internet you will see that thousands of the websites are offering free writing exercises for practice.

Best time to write is day because it is the time you are more active and creative.  People have their own mood swings, figure out the time of the day you are most relaxed with writing. Mostly people are comfortable early morning for writing because their senses and minds are at the freshest state. Some of the writers feel convenient to write at night when there is complete silence and peace. Write as much as you can in a single sitting and you will be surprised to see who beautifully you can mould the words.

Always keep a notebook wherever you go so, you can better write your ideas before it wash out from your mind.  If you make use of your great five senses you will be better able to write lines and quotes. For writers it is necessary to be a good observant, always look in your surrounding with keen eyes and open mind.  Listen carefully and try to grasp the things that are usually ignored by others. Notebook or personal diary is a good tool that helps you in saving your thoughts and ideas.

Never lose heart if your writing is not the one you are expecting it to be. Always remember that you are a beginner and you have to go through countless rejections and bad comments. Every beginner need time to open petals and bloom into a strong complete flower. It almost happened to every writer to rewrite and revise, revise and rewrite again and again. No one can be perfect in the first attempt.  You must have to take short breaks to relax nerves to write more accurately and precisely.

After writing story or article must show it to your friends and parents and ask for feedbacks. Viewing your writing from someone else eyes is a better and effective tool just for improvement and advancement. Actually you may not be able to pin point the errors but different people have different views about your writing. They may figure a point that is in need of improvement. It is always wise to seek other’s help even if it’s just a simple view or opinion about your story. Try to create some fun while writing otherwise you may get bored and not able to create masterpiece.