All over the world birthday is a day we were born and same date is celebrated with great love year after year. Birthday is considered to be the happy and lucky time and is expected with excitements and cheers for the upcoming occasion. This day is usually celebrated with candles and cakes almost one candle for each year. Popular “Happy Birthday” song is generally sung and the happy birthday boy and girl are asked to make wish and blow the candles. It is usually advised to the birthday boy and girl make a wish but never let anybody know about it otherwise wish would not be true. One of the essential and happy parts of the birthday is presenting gifts. These gifts are always presented with great love and care. Birthday gift must be planned with careful consideration based on the receiver. An ideal example is the toddler; they should not be presented with small things especially toys that could be easily put into mouth and can cause choking. Teenagers are the hardest batch to buy gifts for so, the wise idea is to buy them with accessories useful for them which make them happy and more special. For adults birthstone is another option as a birthday gift for them. Birthstones are the gemstones linked with each month. There are rainbows of precious birthstones like ruby, diamonds and semi precious stones include Lapiz Lazuli. They are considered lucky for specific months and people believe it as well. People take them as their lucky charm and also used as a healing power. In Africa child birthday is not observed to be the special day. Instead, when African Children acquire a certain age they make their first move into the community allowing them to learn the laws of culture and to participate in ancient customs. Age initiation is commonly done in groups instead with individual children. In Latino culture there is a culture named as “Quinceanera” which makes the 15 years old girls birthday way into her adulthood. In Mexico birthday celebrations usually attributes Pinata a paper mache animal figure holding small toys and candy. In Chinese society tigers are thought to be as children guardian. Family members arrange special food for newborns and present them with beautiful gifts of toys or clothing adorned with tigers. When Chinese boy or girl is one year old different beautiful objects and toys are placed around the child on floor. According to their ancient believes the object or toys that the child selects is a symbol of prediction of the carrier or profession they will pursue in life. Birthday gifts must be of the type that depicts your thoughtfulness and love for your loved ones.