A woman plays numerous roles in society. She fulfill all her duties efficaciously, she is a like a storehouse of energy. Her love and interest for life and her family do not fade. Fashion is the symbol of her sparkling persona; feminine attires celebrate womanhood in different ways. The designs and styles of women dresses are such as they increase the grace of a lady and its colors shows the cheerful nature of a woman. So, every woman must be careful about the selection of her dress as it increases the beauty and charm of a woman. Women dresses are of different designs, styles and colors. All colors do not go well with all personalities, occasions or skin tone. In the world there are different colors of skin, everyone must select the color that goes best with their personalities.

In Asian countries the best color for bride is red, pink and golden. As red color is the color of lust, beauty and passion. The Hebrews and Greeks considered red color as a sign of love and passion. This is the reason that on Valentine’s Day red roses are an important gift of a woman. While pink color is associated with romance, the middle between red and white is pink and it is related to the blush cheeks of a woman. It motivates energy and is a sign of happiness. Some people like the passion of red and purity of white, for them pink the blend of both is the best color. Golden color symbolizes success, wealth and good health, with the marriage this believe is associated that the woman will bring wealth in the life of her husband.

The bride is also positive about her life she is believe that her life is going to be changed so, golden color is the sign of happiness for a success of love. But in normal and casual wear, the colors that are best are mostly liked are light colors in summer and a bit darker color in winter. Blue, white, pink, ivory, orange, Beige and Turquoise colors are most popular. Every color portraits its own meaning, like ivory shows harmony and lovel, while white color is the sign of peace, calm, humility, innocence and purity. White dress of a woman shows the elegance of her personality. While, hanging out with family than yellow, orange and turquoise is the best option. Orange is very vivacious color shows energy, warmth and liveliness. Similarly black color also increases the feminine personality of a woman. While purple color show the royalty of the body, yellow color in summer look very arrogant and she looks like a bubbly diva in the sunshine. All the vibrant colors are the part of women personality and make them more colorful and cheerful.